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Taiko Seirogan200
Product Details:

Product Detail:

[Product Name] Taiko Seirogan

[Manufacturing] Japanese Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

[Agent] Hong Kong Etta Trade Co., Ltd.

[Chinese Exclusive Distributor] Shenzhen  KINGWORLD  Medicines Co.,Ltd


[Product Overview]

This product was founded in 1902, has been used for 100 years, which proved Seirogan can effectively treat gastrointestinal disorders, and it is extremely safe, it has long been a well known brand in Japan, medication kit while travelling. In Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and China's coastal areas has been widely used . Recently, Seirogan has entered the US market.

In China after Beijing Medical University First Affiliated Hospital, Fourth Military Medical University, Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing Friendship Hospital, General Hospital of Chengdu Military Region, Shaanxi Province People's Hospital, Beijing Xuanwu Hospital, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Baoji city hospital expert clinical validation, and other units were confirmed its effectiveness and safety.


Sporadic diarrhea, diarrhea caused by indigestion, discomfort, food agitated, tooth decay.


Rapid efficacy: rapidly effective, more sustainable and effective.

Targeted Ingredients: The main ingredient Seirogan - the creosote, the animal experiments proved that there are the following effects:

• can inhibit the excessive secretion of intestinal fluid. Promote the absorption of intestinal fluid, reducing the amount of intestinal liquid thereby reducing the stool water, i.e. preventing diarrhea.

• can inhibit intestinal peristalsis, thus can prevent diarrhea caused by intestinal motility.

• can effectively inhibit O157E. coli created Verotoxin which can damage intestinal epithelial cell


50 / bottle 100 / bottle


Sealed and stored in shade

Ingredient : Creosote, A-xian powder ,Golden cypress powder , liquorice, Citri reticulatae

Excipients are: carboxymethyl cellulose calcium, glycerol, water, cinnamon powder

【Properties】 Dark brown soft pills, specific savor,burning sensation。

[Indications] stagnation diarrhea, for adults and children with diarrhea caused by improper diet or lack of acclimatization,

Symptom: loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension, diarrhea,


[Specifications] each pill weighs 0.22 grams



Volume per time

Times per day



 3 times a day after each meal

11 to 14 years


8 years to 10 years


5 to 7 years


[Adverse reactions:] No adverse reactions or side effects found according to the results of clinical trials.

[Restriction on use] This product has no restriction on use.


        Please note the following 1. When taking

         (1) Avoid spicy or greasy food.

           (2) No Chinese traditional herbal medicine taken at the same time  

           (3) Heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, kidney disease and other serious chronic diseases should be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

           (4) Follow the instruction strictly, not suitable for children under five years of ,aged person should administrated under the guidance of the doctor。

           (5) You should go to the hospital if you haven’t see any improvement or other severe symptoms detected after use the product.

           (6) Peoples with allergic should not use this product.

           (7) You should not use when the properties of the product changed.

           (8) Children must be under adult supervision while use the drugs.

           (9) Keep out of the reach of children.

           (10)If you are using other drugs, please consult your physician before using this product

       2. Storage, stored in a note on the processing

          Please screwed (1) taking the tight caps and stored in shade, avoid direct sunlight.

          (2) To ensure the efficacy and avoid misuse, do not use other containers for the pills.

          (3) If the drug is mistakenly attached to the skin,wash the surface with soap and warm water.

    Drug interactions with other drugs, please consult your physician or pharmacist.

[Storage] sealed

[Packaging] brown glass bottles, plus carton packaging.

             Bottle 50 bottle 100, 200 per bottle.

【Validity】 60 months

【Standard】 imported drug registration standards JZ20090011

[Imported drug registration No] bottle 50 bottle 100: Z20100002

                      200 per bottle, each bottle of 400: Z20100003

[Instructions Revision Date] January 28, 2011